Regional Debt

The diagram shows the different elements that make up the consolidated regional debt of the Walloon Region.

It complies with the reporting structure defined by the Institute for National Accounts (INC - ICN) for the presentation of consolidated debt to SEC standards.

Within indirect debts, the INC includes debts from alternative financing mechanism, delegated missions, guaranteed debts from consolidated organizations (S13.12) and financial leasing. It also takes over the debt of FADELS (Social Housing Amortization Fund). The debt of Société Wallonne Des Eaux (SWDE), in the amount of EUR 0.02 million, and that of the Public Companies for the Administration of School Buildings (SPABS), in the amount of EUR 795.3 million, are classified as direct debt.

Regarding the debts of FADELS and SWDE, they are managed by the Debt Cell, jointly with the direct debt of the Walloon Region. The amounts of annual depreciation and financial charges are charged to the budgetary credits defined by the general spending budget of the Region. For its part, the debt of the SPABS is also managed jointly with the direct debt by the Walloon Region, on behalf of the patrimonial companies which are the effective shareholders. In that case, only the financing of the financial burden is the subject of budgetary appropriations entered in the spending budget of the Region.