Debt Cell

Within the SPW Finance, the role of the Debt Unit is to

  • Manage the cash cycle,
  • Manage the direct and indirect debt
  • Monitore the guaranteed debt contracted by the Public Administrative Units (PSU).

The Debt Cell operates in accordance with the recommendations issued by the Regional Treasury Council and the decisions taken by the Minister of Budget and Finance of the Walloon Government.

Since the implementation in 2003 of the treasury centralization of the Public Administration Units (PAU), the Debt Cell also handles the processing of the cash forecasts ( revenues - expenditures)submitted by the PAU in order to optimize the management of the cash flow net position of Wallonia, resulting from the overall treasury position of the Region and the overall treasury position of the PAU.

In addition, the Debt Cell is in charge of keeping the accounts of the bridging lending concluded with the guarantee granted by Wallonia to the loans taken out by the five Walloon companies (under public law) in charge of the administration of buildings used to host public school activities under lead of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (SPABS)