Paying road tax


Annual road tax is charged for vehicles that are used to transport passengers or goods by road.

The tax is calculated based on engine power, which is expressed as horsepower, the number of engine cylinders or the maximum authorised mass, depending on the category to which the vehicle belongs.

Some vehicles are subject to a flat-rate tax or a special rate.

Cars, dual-purpose cars (breaks) and minibuses with an engine supplied, even partially, by LPG are subject to additional road tax.

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An individual residing in Wallonia, or a legal entity with its registered office in Wallonia, who is indicated on the registration certificate



  1. For automatic vehicles: cars, dual-purpose cars (breaks), minibuses, ambulances, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles with engines, vans, boat trailers, camping trailers (caravans), camping vehicles (motor homes and mobile homes), trailers and semi-trailers with a maximum authorised mass  ≤ 3,500 kg (except small trailers), the tax is due upon registration with the DIV. The tax period begins on the first of the month of registration with the DIV.

After registering your vehicle with the DIV, you will receive an initial notice to pay road tax, in principle within two months of the registration month.
The payment deadline will be indicated on this document.
Each year, you will receive a new notice to pay road tax during the same period.

If you change vehicle but keep your licence plate (in European format), you have four months to register your new vehicle with the DIV with the same licence plate.
If applicable, the tax paid for the previous vehicle may be deducted – for the months that were not used – from the tax for the newly registered vehicle. If the vehicle is not replaced, the overpayment will be refunded.

If you change vehicle and licence plate, you must sent your old plates to the DIV for cancellation.
Once your plate is cancelled, you are no longer obligated to pay the corresponding road tax, starting from the first day of the cancellation month.

  1. For manual vehicles: buses, coaches, lorries, tractors, trailers and semi-trailers with a maximum authorised mass > 3.500 kg, small trailers (maximum authorised mass ≤ 750 kg) and vehicles with a special (merchant, test, etc.) or temporary Belgian registration, you must send a signed and completed declaration to the Department of vehicle taxation of the Service Public de Wallonie before the vehicle is used on public roads.

The form may be completed online at or at one of our one-stop shops. The completed form may also be sent by email or registered post.

After being received or processed, you will be sent a notice to pay the road tax.
Your will be sent a tax disc, which must be displayed on the vehicle, by post after your payment has been received.

If you no longer use the vehicle on public roads, you must notify the administration and return the tax disc so that your road-tax declaration can be revoked.


You can benefit from the minimum (flat-rate) road tax for:

  • vehicles over 30 years old registered with an "O" plate;
  • camping trailers or trailers designed to transport boats;
  • vintage military vehicles.
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